Brake Service

Brake Service

Dependable Brake Service in Erie, PA

Having working brakes on your vehicle is essential, and without them, you and your passengers could be in danger. Make an appointment with our auto service in Erie, PA  if:

  •  Your brakes are spongy or you need to press farther  to the floor to begin to brake
  •  Your vehicle pulls to the left or right as you brake
  •  You hear unusual noises or vibrations as you brake
Brake Service Erie, PA
These are just three of the most common signs that indicate that you need brake service. But if you are experiencing any sort of braking problem at all, please don’t put off repairs any longer. Get in touch with our auto service!

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If you need an honest brake service, turn to us at Ruscitti & Decker Auto Service, Inc. We’ll make sure that when you leave our lot that your car’s brakes are in great working condition. Book an appointment with us today!

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